"Research Computing provides UIC super computing solutions."

A set of tightly connected computers working together as a single powerful system

UIC growing at a rapid pace

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Over the past decade, the amount of data produced by scientists and advanced instrumentation has grown at rapid pace causing a ‘data tsunami’ that creates challenges for processing and also storage of this data. Current estimates suggest a doubling of research data generated

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roughly every year, with some disciplines such as genomics exceeding this level. UIC is obligated to invest in campus research infrastructure now to be at the forefront of this new paradigm.


UIC cluster program


Research computing is geared towards meeting UIC campus’ growing research and education related computing needs. With a shared computing cluster model, investors will have no-wait available access to the nodes that they’ve purchased plus access to other unused nodes on lower priority.

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Condo Clusters allow owners to leverage a pool of system administrators to professionally manage the systems and other economies of scale (such as procurement, software licensing, security, networking and energy) that come with integrating resources into a single centrally managed cluster. Cluster is housed at Roosevelt Road Building, a facility well-equipped to provide reliable infrastructure to maintain consistent service levels for HPCC program.

You’re also eligible to purchase nodes from the Illinois Campus Cluster (UIUC) program – https://campuscluster.illinois.edu/

UIC cluster stakeholders

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Given the large scope of the project, this will be an exciting collaboration opportunity between multiple stakeholders. Four Colleges, several departments and individual investigators–all have contributed a substantial amount, indicating their interest and need for this resource:

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College of Pharmacy, College of Engineering, College of Medicine, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Bio-engineering, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Research Resources Center, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, Academic Computing and Communications Center, Administrative Information Technology Services