This project is an exciting collaboration opportunity through which the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and the Academic Computing and Communications Center can facilitate research at UIC. The team building this proposal has 10 years plus cumulative experience in setting up these infrastructure elements at various institutions. Also, the team has knowledge of diverse use cases for research infrastructure. Based on their experience, they can readily understand user requirements and make required changes to adjust to researcher’s needs in the general-purpose cluster.

Executive governance committee consist of following members –

  1. Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom  (Co-Chair) – CIO and Executive Director, ACCC
  2. Dr. William Hendrickson  (Co-Chair) – Director, RRC
  3. Dr. Farzad Mashayek – Department head, Mechanical and Industrial Engg
  4. Dr. Henrik Aratyn – Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  5. Dr. Joanna Burdette –  College of Pharmacy
  6. Dr. Tom Royston – Department head, Bioengineering
  7. Dr. Larry Tobacman – Senior Associate Dean for Research, College of Medicine
  8. Dr. David Hofman – Professor and Acting head, Physics

Technical governance committee consists of following members –

  1. Neil Bahroos – Assoc CRIO, OVPHA/OVCR
  2. William Randall – ACCC
  3. Himanshu Sharma – Assistant CRIO, OVCR
  4. Gregory Cross – ACCC