Hardware & Pricing

System Overview

Extreme is a heterogeneous cluster with multiple generations of Intel processors that provides users with fast processing capabilities. Each node consists of 2 Intel Xeon E5 processors. The system includes high-memory nodes having 1TB of RAM. Two login nodes are provided for user logins, managing jobs and file system access.


Compute Nodes – There are three types of compute nodes, segregated by their processor and memory configuration.

Generation-1 – 160 Nodes with Intel Xeon E5-2670 @ 2.60 GHz, cache size of 20MB with 16 cores in each node. 128GB RAM and 1TB local storage.

Generation-2 – 40 Nodes with Intel Xeon E5-2670 @2.50 GHz, cache size of 20MB with 20 cores per node. 128 GB RAM and 1TB local storage.

Highmem – Intel Xeon E5-4650L @ 2.60GHz, cache size of 20MB with 32 cores per node with 1TB RAM. 3 high-memory nodes for large data intensive and multi core parallelizable applications.

Total of 203 nodes. Each compute and login nodes run on CentOS 6.5


File System – Extreme provides two storage file systems, NFS and Lustre.

NFS Storage – A high capacity with 1.14 PB of raw persistent storage. All user home directories and group shares can be found here.

Lustre Storage – An extremely fast storage with RAID 6 configuration and communicating with nodes over QDR Infiniband. It is a 288TB fast scratch storage, which should be used exclusively at run time; results should be transferred as soon as possible.


Interconnect – Extreme uses Infiniband (QDR) high speed network. Communicating with each other through high bandwidth Infiniband switches.


Pricing :

Multiple colleges and units have come together to provide funding for HPCC service to become a reality at UIC campus. If your department/college wants to be active stakeholder in the project and is interested in purchasing dedicated computation power, please reach us at extreme@uic.edu
Please contact us if your department is interested in utilizing the next generation on Extreme.